Acton Academy East Mountains

A screenshot of Acton Academy East Mountains home page

About the client

Acton Academy East Mountains is an entrepreneurial, outdoor oriented private school located just outside Albuquerque in Cedar Crest, New Mexico.

They came to me for a website when they were first opening up and needed a new site. (Actually, I came to them first because I wanted to learn about maybe sending my kid to their school – which didn’t happen for this year, but might in the future because I think their school is amazing!)

Designing their custom site

Acton Academy East Mountains has so much going for them. Their people – staff, parents and kids alike – are all amazingly warm and welcoming. They have a great location in the mountains and the kids spend a ton of time outdoors. Going through their photo album to pick pictures for the site I’m always impressed by how much fun the kids are having and the creative activities they are engaging in.

My main goal with their site design was to get all of that great energy to shine through, while creating a gorgeous, easy-to-use website that would answer all of the questions a potential new family might have.

The site

You can view the site at (I prefer posting links to screenshots because screenshots don’t provide the interactive elements of sites. They also don’t update themselves when I improve sites – which I do frequently for all of my clients.)

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