Website Tech Girl is run by me, Kyla Bendt.  

I started Website Tech Girl because I felt like there were so many things about website development that could be done better.  I wanted to create websites that were secure, looked nice, worked well, had regularly updated information and really served my clients. 

I also saw a need for someone that would provide services to clients with existing sites ranging from technical support to tutoring.  

My business strategy is to focus on growing my own skills, developing amazing sites, creating solid processes and using best practices. 

You can find information about my education and work history on my LinkedIn Profile.

How I operate

I was extremely thoughtful and intentional in coming up with my plan for starting Website Tech Girl.  My business is based on several key values, goals and ideas, some of which I’ll share below.

Create something meaningful for the long-term

I wanted to create a business, a career and a life that would serve me for a very long time to come.  It was equally important to me to find ways that I could use my skills to have an impact on the world around me that would be fulfilling and meaningful.  

I accept that every day won’t be saving baby kittens or promoting world peace.  My impact can be more subtle; helping small businesses and nonprofits to thrive, helping bloggers and content creators to create the lives they want.  

The rule of thumb in the tech industry for employees is that they should switch jobs every two years to keep progressing in their careers.  It seems to me that so much is lost in that process – time training and on-boarding, relationships built and then broken, skills built and then no longer needed.  I wanted something that I could be in for the long haul.  

Some things can be accomplished easily in ten years that can’t be accomplished at all in one year.  

I have a long-term plan for my business.  Plans can change, but at this point, my plan is to run my business on my own for the foreseeable future.  I’m not trying to start an empire, sell my “startup” for a million dollars and get rich in a few years.  

I want to create a reliable, trustworthy service where my name means something.  For my clients, this means that if I build a site for them today, I’ll be around to support it for years to come.

A client-first philosophy

I have a client-first philosophy.  We have all heard “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.  It should really be more like “A bird in the hand is worth a hundred in the bush.”  I am baffled by companies that spend a ton of resources on sales and yet treat their existing customers like trash. 

My current clients are my number one priority and I do not even have sales activities built into my weekly work schedule.  Clients find me via networking and word of mouth. 

I believe that knowledgeable technical support and customer service provided by somebody who actually knows you, your business, and your website is extremely valuable.  I consider being a one-person business to be an asset because I know all of my clients.  They never get passed off to the new person or worse reach a different person in another country each time they need help.  

Investing in knowledge and processes

I believe that time spent figuring out a great process for a needed task or procedure is always time well-spent.  I spend a lot of time thinking about how to improve the way I do things, researching new methods and meticulously documenting how I do things so that I have a process to follow the next time.  

The time spent to do something right the first time is always worth it. 

Another one of the things I decided very early on in forming my business was that I wanted to give myself unlimited research and learning time.  The time I spend learning how to do new things and gaining new skills makes me able to provide better services to EVERY customer EVERY single day going forward.  It’s also something I think is fun. 

Learning, growing and improving

At this point in my career, I feel confident running my own business.  Some things about it are still a little intimidating.  It’s… interesting… when at the end of the day all decisions are mine and sometimes there is no way of knowing if something is the “right” decision. 

I know that I will screw some things up.  I’ll learn from them, make better processes and move on.  It’s my business and I am HUGELY invested in it.  So if a client feels like something isn’t right for them, I’ll do what I can to fix it.

One of the most exciting things about what I do is being able to spend my days learning, growing and improving.  I love having a sense of progress.